schoolThis haunt and its property is steeped in history. The city of Bridgeport, it's current location started shortly after the Rock Island Railroad established its line through the area. The area below Bridgeport had a decent amount of coal and was one of the reasons people came and made their home here. The property Fearaphobia Haunted House currently resides in is an old schoolhouse at 1407 Carpenter street, however it was not the first schoolhouse to reside on the property. The first schoolhouse was a wood framed two story school built in 1902. During the buildings tenure on the property, many unexplained things had happened during its ten years on the property. So many unexplained occurrences happened that it was decided to close the school. The building was sold to a private citizen and moved about eight miles southwest of town. It had been decided at the time to not put another building on the property due to all the disturbances that had happened. After fifteen years of the property setting idle and not being used, it was decided to build a new schoolhouse, of which, is the one currently on the property. This school was built originally as the city's high school. Over the years the school was used as a junior high, and an elementary. During the more than 70 years used as a school there have been many unexplained occurrences, making it one of the most haunted places in wise county. No one can explain why there is so much activity in the building, but when we moved in there was so much that we asked a paranormal investigation team to come in and help us understand what is going on. A meeting after their investigation revealed that we had a total of nine spirits in the building! We feel that the spirits are pleased with us holding a haunt in the building, as they are very active. Fearaphobia strives to be one of the best haunts in the country, with ranking in the top ten of the Scare Factor for the state of Texas, and voted number two by local haunt review Haunted house trippers for 2016! We hope to scare you this season! Small Town, Big Scares!